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Do you take your Old Hollywood and the wonderful days of Yesteryear seriously? Really seriously?

Dolls, do you wear heels with your skirts and set your hair? Is Cary Grant your Prince Charming?

Guys, do you slick in some pomade then put on your fedora? Do you have that Playboy with Marilyn stashed away somewhere?

Is "I Love Lucy" the best television show ever? Should men be the head of the household? Should children respond with "yes ma'am/no sir"? Should a lady's purse and shoes match?

Is there next to nothing that you can tolerate in today's entertainment world? Do rap and punk music and goths go through you like a knife? Do you hate to see pink hair and baggy pants? Do you feel no one can sing or act anymore?

If you answered yes to all of that, your question may be, "Is there any hope?" The answer is yes.

There is no way "Old Hollywood" can be gone, no way The Brown Derby and classy nightclubs could have disappeared, no way actors like Clark Gable and John Wayne will never again have worthy costars, no way Frank Sinatra and Elvis will never have any contemporaries, no way lounge and big band and jazz will never be main stream again, no way formal casinos and posh parties with waiters and soft music will never be normal again. It's just impossible, and it's impossible because of people like us.

Sure, there are the fans of the classics, people that are mostly only insterested in all that good ol' stuff, but there are the Stars. The Stars; the ones that live by it, the ones that have to get their clothes custom made or in thrift stores or on Ebay, the ones that got their entire album collection from the "Easy Listening" or "Classic" or "Oldies" sections, the ones that are determined to be famous and bring all of the good entertainment back to Hollywood--and bring it back honestly. They're not the ones that want to sing the old stuff with a new spin or do re-makes of movies with a modern twist, they're the ones that want to do it all exactly as it was done--from the movie costumes to the way movies were shot to the premiere parties for the movies to the film editing, to the old recording techniques to the same instruments to the same sort of material to the same intimate club concerts.

This is the community for those Stars, "The Club DiFascino" (which is Italian for "Club Glamour"). This is only for those that are serious about wanting to change not only Hollywood, but everyday life. If you can write a song you'd want Bing Crosby to record, if you can direct a movie like John Ford, if you can produce a show on Broadway, if you can croon like Dino, if you can design costumes like Edith Head, if you can conduct like Nelson Riddle, if you can cause hysteria like Elvis, or if you can act like Jimmy Stewart and you want to use that talent to completely restore Hollywood, this is exactly where you need to be. Or, maybe you just get sick of seeing "mothers" dropping their six-week-old kids off at daycare to run off to an unimportant job or men and women taking turns paying for dates or children cursing at the age of seven with no consequence or long for the days of Morality Laws. This is also the place for those of you who don't necessarily have the "Hollywood" drive but still want to see some big changes. Entertainment changes everyday life, so this is a confederation especially for those that want a serious hand in restoring the entertainment world, a loose joining of different talents to make the world as wonderful as it once was.

Community Rules
This community isn't only for voting and being approved etc.. Once in, feel free to post movie reviews, album reviews, pictures, mention a song you like, discuss different actors, post vintage ads or articles, or just anything you wish to chat about that's classic. If you want to talk about a production you're in or a karaoke constest or anything like that, feel free. Anything marvelous and classic is up to chat about. Just pretend we're all in a nice Beverly Hills mansion at a party, you have a glass of champange, there's soft music in the background, and we're all just having a grand ol' time :) .
Obviously, you have to be classy to be here, so try to remember if you made it to the party, act like you belong there. No "So I was like OMFG!" or the like. No need to be prudish, but do try to have a line drawn somewhere.

This application is just to see if you qualify as Marvelous. Before you fill it out, please make sure you've read all of the above! This isn't a community for people that just like a few Cary Grant movies and watch I Love Lucy--this is for the serious Old Hollywood lover that overwhelmingly likes only things from Old Hollywood. To join, click 'to join this community click here' link at the top of the page, then fill out the application as soon as possible.
Answer as comletely and as honestly as you can. This is your chance to show how absolutely glamourous you are and why you're Classic, so be sure to share everything you can think of. Pictures of yourself aren't required, but if you think they'd help you, feel free to post them (note: for example, you in jeans with a tee shirt won't help you out, but you girls in pearls and heels and you fellas in well-fitted suits will). Just be wonderful and honest.

Five Favorite Movies:

Five Favorite Actors:

Five Favorite Actresses:

Favorite Era:

Five Favorite Singers:

Favorite Music Genres:

Who are some of your idols (artistically, personally, or otherwise)?:

What do you think about modern dress?
How do you dress?

What do you like about the behavior of women of the past as opposed to today's?:

What are the most deplorable things about female behavior today?

How do you feel about feminism and traditional gender roles?:

What do you think about the way most children are raised today/the way households are run today?:

Do you feel a lack of morality/manners/decency in everyday life?
How about in Hollywood?:

Not including life-saving technologies (and Tivo and the Internet maybe...), would you like to see everything back to the way it was in your ideal time period, including clothes, entertainment, and society?

It's okay to like a few things past the glory days. Is there anything you like that isn't 20's-early 60's vintage?

What do you think of the counterculture of the mid/late 60's? How did it effect society negatively or positively?

What sort of career would you like if anything was possible (and it is ;) )/what would you like to achieve with it?

What does it mean to be a real star/what do you have to have/what does it take?

What do you think of today's stars? Are they really stars? What is the difference in today's entertainers (actors and singers) and yesterday's?

What do you think of today's presentation of entertainment (stadiums and constant media versus nightclubs etc.)?

Do you feel movies today try to be too "real" instead of allowing escape/fantasy/glamour?
Is it wrong to try to be too edgy and real and gritty in most all movies?

Do you feel today's stars are as talented as yesterday's stars? What about today's stars personalities versus yesterday's? Is it important to be multi-talented to be a good entertainer?

Do you feel some stars worry too much about type-casting? Is type-casting bad for the most part?

This is a community for people that want to change Hollywood, but also for a helpful few that just want to change day to day life. What are the main things you'd like to change about average, everyday life?

We'd really appreciate it if you would be willing to promote in other communities...the more the merrier! If you would please, copy and paste this promotion in at least one community and provide a link to the promotion post (be sure to remove the *'s): <*a href="http://community.livejournal.com/too_marvelous/profile"><*img src="http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d87/presley54/CDFbanner3.png" border="0"></a>

Posting Your Application

1. Just copy and paste the application as a post. If you included pictures, please put them under a cut if you can.
2. If you're not approved, you may apply again as many times as you wish.
3. If you are approved, you'll receive a button for your user info (and where ever else you'd like to put it). Congratulations and welcome, and please try to remain active in the community.

Voting On Applicants

1. Once you're approved, please be active and vote. If you don't vote on the majority of applicants, you will be removed from the community.
2. When voting on an applicant, please be classy. Vote however you feel, but please be kind. When voting, be sure to include your reasoning, whether you're voting yes or no.

Feel free to promote our club in your user info:

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If you'd like to be affiliates, just make a post about it or ring us up :) .

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As the original Bogart Rat Pack stated the reason for its formation, Club DiFascino has also been formed "for the relief of boredom and the perpetuation of independence.
We admire ourselves and don’t care for anyone else."

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