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19 December 2009 @ 01:19 am
Andy Williams on Hannity at 5 AM  
Ahh, everybody, you guys need to watch the oh-say last 15 minuets of "Hannity" at 5am! Andy Williams was on, and it was amazing. I shall have to listen to more of this man lol. He told a story about someone spilling red wine on Gary Morton at a party he was at with him, Lucy, Frank, Jilly Rizzo and some others. He said Frank made Jilly go break his nose *rofl!*. He was also talking about Frank and JFK and Sam Giancan, and Bobby being Andy's good friend (I know, you'd think I'd say "BLECK! MURDERER!" on that one lol, but the story is good), and about Elvis, and it was very amazing lol.

He's advertising his new book, "Moon River and Me". I will have to pick that up.

Love Always,
~~Ginger (mod)
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